Thursday, July 25, 2019

Photography - Photojournalism to Fine Art PowerPoint Presentation

Photography - Photojournalism to Fine Art - PowerPoint Presentation Example For example, even though the food taken by the people of China may differentiate them from the people of Britain, even within China, there are different cultures that can be identified that use different staples of food. What is displayed above by Snellac is therefore a very significant photograph that speaks volumes about food and the place it has in culture. Another important characteristic of food as a component of culture is the place of its acquisition and from whom it can be acquire. In this photograph, the photojournalist is sending a message across about the significant role that markets and women play in getting food to the ordinary person in China. Unlike other parts of the world such as Europe and America where there is massive dependence on grocery stores as the source of food (quote), the open market plays a significant role in the acquisition of food in China and therefore makes the food culture of the people of China very unique and different from what prevails in other cultures. A picture taken at the time of the Louisville Flood, Margaret Bourke-Smith used this picture to display a contrasting situation between the true state of America as a nation at the time and what the country touted of itself in theory. This is because whereas the billboard right behind the people who had lined up contained the words, â€Å"â€Å"World’s Highest Standard of Living: There’s no way like the American Way!†, the real picture on the ground was that people were actually displayed and waiting for help to come. There was no way this was going to be the situation of a place with the world’s highest standard of living. What is perhaps culturally significant about this piece of photojournalistic work is that most of the people seen to be waiting for help were Blacks. This is very synonymous with the time of the Great Depression when Blacks were

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