Friday, September 27, 2019

Design, Technology and Literacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

Design, Technology and Literacy - Essay Example As Fritz and King (1994) suggested, art forms such as visual art, media, movement, music, drama and literature provided powerful ways of capturing and conveying individual as well as collective experience. By understanding how arts reflect, challenge and shape values and beliefs of a society and their variation over time and cultures make learners appreciate and enjoy an enhancing personal and social experience (Fritz & King, 1994). This essay and activity shall explore my ability to create design out of various contexts: through inspiration of classic children stories, food and nutrition for children, and graphic communication using symbols. It will be coupled with the actual products and its development process as explained in this essay. Our environment is everybody else's business. Each of us must do our part, and the more we can do for our environment, the better. In design, use of so-called environmentally-friendly materials has become a necessity among corporations and firms as global regulations in trade and production dictate how firms conduct business. This may be said about the issuance of environment certificates, from production, use of raw materials, packaging, transportation as well as marketing. This helps keep our environment competitive with the daily tear and wear, pollution, and other ways that degenerate our sustainable ecosystem. It has been widely acknowledge that every new design contains new materials that complicate recycling operations so that certificate and regulations ensure that companies take back and recycle, products as well as packaging. The producer's role extends towards the users and post-users phases (Lindhquist and Lifset, 1997). The extended product responsibility (EPR) serves as a tool for the reduction of the amount of waste that originates from discarded products (Hart, 1997) while EPR refers to policy designed for integrating the environmental costs throughout the products' lifecycle now incorporated in legislation of about 40 industrialised countries (Wilck, 1997) adopted by a score of industrial branches involved in products for packaging. Mostly, packaging is made to be re-used after consumer has opened the package and start using the product. Recyclable packaging consists mainly of environmentally safe products such as cardboard, corrugated board, and also recycled variations of pap ers. In this activity incorporating design and recycling, raw materials are used packaging, particularly boxes. The following diagram constitutes the Aggregated Linear Product Process Chain: Source: Lambert et al, 2003 In consideration of this process, it is clearly understood that manufacturing includes the environment-conscious design embracing design, synthesis, processing, and use of products either in continuous or discrete industries (Zhang et al, 1997). Integrating Technology from Fairy Tales Fairy tales has primary themes to provide and integrate with technology. The application and development of technology programs will have an important role in generating ideas, integrating theory and practice, and

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