Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Offshoring Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Offshoring - Essay Example Methods: In a bid to ensure the data collected is accurate, a quantitative approach has been employed. Once collected, the data is analyzed by running a regression using the Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS). Findings: the research has found 93% R-Square value that essentially implies that close to 93% of the variation in the value of the dependent is well explained by the variation in the independent variation. Also, the results showed a 0.000137 p-value for the off-shoring coefficient, so the p-value is lower than 0.05. In essence, this is interpreted to mean that a change in the percentage of material off shoring indeed has an effect on labor and productivity. This research paper has been made in order to complement to pass of bachelor degree in business administration program. I would like to start by thanking God for helping me to finish my thesis, also I would like to say thanks to whoever have helped me directly or indirectly with my thesis and studying and that includes a very special thank for my supervisor (PhD. ShlairAbdulkhaleq) and Dean (PhD Fatih Çura). Also I would like to thank my parents whom supported me from the start, and of course I would like to say thanks to my husband for everything .In the end, I would like to tell you that I’m really happy from the bottom of my heart that I was able to do this thesis and it’s just a step towards the success that I’m dreaming of, and I hope that it will help the upcoming student in their studies and they can benefit from the information below. Modern businesses are driven by innovation. Outsourcing is one of the methods of innovation undertaken by different business enterprises. Outsourcing enables to open new horizons that in turn lead to increased productivity. However, any new idea brings along its own set of conditions and parameters with it. Outsourcing is no exception in this regard and it has certain prerequisites and parameters that need to be

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