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Physics Ia - 1108 Words

Jimmy A. Rendon Mr. Nichols 10/26/2011 Jimmy A. Rendon Mr. Nichols 10/26/2011 Investigate factors that affect the period of a pendulum: The relationship between Density and Time Investigate factors that affect the period of a pendulum: The relationship between Density and Time IB Physics Internal Assessment IB Physics Internal Assessment Introduction The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the relationship between density and time in a homemade pendulum. In order to investigate the phenomenon, the density of the hanging object is going to change, and by recording the time it takes the object to complete a period hanging from the pendulum. According to pendulum’s theory, the period should be the same because the†¦show more content†¦The time is proportional to the density at a gradient of 0.7798 seconds per gram over a milliliter. Although the points should be in a straight line, I can infer that there is a little deviation because of a systematic error, due to the observer. This time the systematic error didn’t make a big difference when sketching the graph. When thinking of speed, the more speed an object has means the more distance it is going to travel, this should justify my results because as the object gets denser the mass is greater therefore the it will gain more speed as soon as its droppe d so it would travel more distance making the period longer than the less dense ones. Evaluation and Improvements: Weaknesses | Improvements | One weakness I faced was the accuracy of the measurements while taking the time, when recording the time I hold with one hand the object being dropped and with the other one start the stopwatch. Therefore, while trying to hit the start button I could have probably slightly changed the release point or vice versa. Although my measurements could have been more accurate the limitation didn’t affect that much my data. | I can improve my weakness by instead of me holding both things I could put a camera on front ofShow MoreRelatedIb Physics Ia2482 Words   |  10 PagesIB Physics Internal Assessment Andy Tang Research Question In this internal assessment, I am given a cantilever to find the physical properties of it. I decide to investigate the relationship between the force I act on one side of the cantilever and the maximum acceleration the tail can reach. This experiment will be also showing the elasticity of the cantilever. Since I pull down one side of it and fixed the other side, when I cut the string, it will bounce up and down until all the internalRead MoreIb Physics Ia - Domino Effect1271 Words   |  6 PagesChee Yong Hui 6.5 Domino Effect IA Investigate the effect of the distance between each domino on the time taken for all the dominoes to fall Independent Variable: Distance, d/cm, between each domino. The distance d/cm is measured between the middle of one domino to the middle of the next domino Dependent Variable: Time taken for all the dominoes to be toppled to the ground. The timing will start when the 1st domino is hit by a metal ball and it will stop when the last domino falls completelyRead MoreIb Physics Ia-Freefall Essay749 Words   |  3 PagesAIM To find the acceleration of an object when falling down from a height in the presence of earth’s gravitational field, which is also known as free fall. Air resistance is neglected in this experiment. THEORY As an object is released from a height from the ground under the influence of the Earth’s gravitational force, the object will always fall under a constant rate of acceleration. Unlike in space, where object will just float around after being released, object falling on Earth will alwaysRead MorePhysics : Calculus Ia Section 2771 Words   |  4 PagesCalculus IA Section 2, Part B 4. A particle moves along the x-axis with position at time t given by x (t) = e-t sin t for 0 ≠¤ t ≠¤ 2Ï€. (a) Find the time t at which the particle is farthest to the left. Justify your answer. Answer: x’ (t) =e-t sin t + e-t cos t = e ¬Ã‚ ¬Ã‚ ¬-t (cos t – sin t); x’ (t) = 0 when cos t = sin t. Therefore, x’ (t) = 0 on 0 ≠¤ t ≠¤ 2 Ï€ for t = Ï€/4 and t = 5 Ï€/4. For the absolute minimum are at t = 0, Ï€/4, 5 Ï€/4 and 2 Ï€. The particle is farthest to the left when t = 5 Ï€/4. (b) FindRead MoreBiography Of Jeff Bezos, Founder Of Amazon.com1034 Words   |  5 Pageswhen ia born ITU Women And he only married his biological father WITH approximately a year. He has been married WITH Mike Bezos if Jeff is four deep. Mike was also a man who fled to Cuba UNITED States when she was fifteen. He put Himself through college in New Mexico and finally Being An engineer at Exxon. Jeff attended Miami Palmetto High School and is a class Valedictorian. He went to Princeton and designing for a review study physics. He believe, however, that the other students that physics isRead More Physics of Catapults Essay1122 Words   |  5 Pagesarms back, increasing the tension. A spear or rock was loaded onto the ballista, and the release pin was pulled. The tension on the arms pulled them forward, and the spear or rock was propelled forward by the rope in between the arms. Ballista Physics The design of the ballista is such that the force applied from the projectile comes from the tension of the twisted ropes. The ropes, when the tension is released, tend to return to their rest state with minimum tension, much like a springRead MoreThermal Physics Ib Dp Lab1045 Words   |  5 PagesDP Physics IA Thermal physics: Specific Heat Capacity of Metals Introduction: In this experiment we are going to measure the specific heat capacity of a unknown metal. To measure the specific heat capacity we will heat up the metal to certain temperature and release the metal in beaker filled with water. By knowing the mass and temperature of water filled in beaker, we will be able to calculate the specific capacity of unknown metal by change in temperature of beaker willedRead MoreUsing Small Toy Cars And Metal Springs For Propulsion1474 Words   |  6 Pagesfootball or swimming in a pool, the idea of the forces behind motion feeds my imagination. I aim to become a mechanical engineer someday. Considering this fascination, I was fortunate to be able to learn about motion and forces in physics class. Given the opportunity to research an IA of my own interest, I wanted to learn more about forces. Naturally, I narrowed down this topic to include one of the most influential moving mechanical systems in the modern world†¦an automobile. However, as it would b e potentiallyRead MoreThe Study Of Nonlinear Electron-Acoustic ( EA ) Wave Propagation?1470 Words   |  6 Pagesthey observed that electron plasma oscillations can appear in a continuous formulation without correlation in the presence of collective effects, making the physics non-trivial. The authors (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) 1 (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) noticed that beyond the well-known Langmuir and ion-acoustic (IA) waves, there was a heavily damped acoustic-like wave solution, which was termed as EA wave solution in the literature. In 1977, Watanabe and Taniuti (-- removedRead MoreWhy Is Knowledge Important Than Knowledge? Essay1388 Words   |  6 Pagesa deeper and better understanding of area is gained as they are provides with different perspectives and different methods to understand. In natural sciences while performing a physics experiment there are multiple ways of knowing used like sense perception, emotion and imagination. Example wh ile performing my physics IA though the readings were taken with the technology but my sense perception/vision also helped me to observe the experiment and to make qualitative data. While writing the lab report

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