Friday, October 18, 2019

EdTPA and Teacher Accountability Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

EdTPA and Teacher Accountability - Assignment Example edTPA build more on the strong foundations that exist in the state to improve the teachers preparation process, it mainly focus on the teacher classroom engagement. Danielson rubric focuses more on individual student learning improvement; it has inefficient classroom routines and procedures. Secondly, edTPA accelerates the classroom preparedness for teachers while in the Danielson rubric, students are expected to follow set classroom routines within minimal guidance. Last but not least, edTPA cooperate teachers to share a common expectation for the experience maximization of student teaching and better understand and their role in the process of helping teachers successfully complete this learning process. On the other hand, Danielson rubric, interaction between teacher and students and among students is mostly negative or inappropriate. Teachers are only involved as guiders; therefore, students are expected to contribute more on their education. T he usage of video in learning is not a good approach to evaluate teachers’ performance sin this can only be used to cover a part where some seriousness is evident. In the Danielson rubric, assuming that students will follow every learning rules is not guaranteed, therefore regular teacher- student interaction is necessary to enhance student’s

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