Monday, August 19, 2019

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I woke up on a Friday morning to catch my plane back to Los Angeles. I was coming back from a 3 week vacation from El Salvador. I was really sick the morning I arose to eat a delicious breakfast. But it wasn’t a fever or a cold. It was more of a confusing and stressful hangover. The night before, I was out doing some ridiculous things that I should have never done. There came times that I wish I would have never been there or did some of the things that I did that night. For this reasons I could never go back to El Salvador until I'm eighteen. On Thursday morning, my uncle Gerber, A.K.A "baby food", woke me up to help him jump start a car. He was going to sell the car, but he needed help to start up the car and send it in for repair. Even though I was on vacation, to my uncle, there is never time for a vacation. I had to help him change two tires and give the car a tune-up. But like most uncles, he rewards our hard work. He took me to a liquor store near by and bought me a big tequila bottle. It was around 12:00 p.m when we came across my uncle's friends. A sixteen year old-girl named Ocity and her uncle Jose. They were around the same age and we took them to our house. Ocity invited her friend over to come visit for a bit. But, what I didn't notice was that my uncle took Ocity upstairs while I kept company to Jose and her friend " La Gorda." As you can see the name says it all. she was 5'9" and weigh in around 250 lbs, or so she said. Jose was not a drinker but La Gorda was. She challenged me to a drinking competition. She got a cup from the kitchen and poured the alcohol in the cup. She filled it half way and told me to take a "shot." I told her "Estas jugando con migo verdad?" She responded "No, asi tomamos el tequila aca en este pais." I was surprised, but I wouldn’t let a girl take me out like that. I took the cup and drank it all. She took a shot. It went on back and forth till it was my turn for like the tenth time.

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