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Unlike Lady Capulet Essay Example for Free

Unlike Lady Capulet Essay Lady Capulet does show genuine grief; she actually does care about Juliet. Lady Capulet does not cope well with her role; she does not provide qualities of an adequate mother towards Juliet. She does not show affection, love, time, or a have a friendship with Juliet. With these qualities she might have been able to help Juliet or even allow her to marry Romeo, but instead she forced Juliet away and did not cope with her role of being a good parent. A good parent would support their child whatever their decision as long as their child is happy and loved. Unlike Lady Capulet the Nurse does not force Juliet away. She shows her feelings and emotions towards Juliet, she is more of a mother towards Juliet than Lady Capulet. Unlike Lady Capulet she shows that she cares for Juliet.  Thou wast the prettiest babe that eer I nursed.  The Nurse cares for Juliet and loves her. She respects her more than Lord and Lady Capulet by calling her woman. She realises that Juliet is growing up and that she needs encouragement to do so. She gives her independence that Juliet requires. The Nurse treats Juliet like her own daughter and wants what is best for her, this is why she gives her independence and respect, as this is what she requires. However she does also give her restrictions, as she is not a woman yet. The Nurse realises and understands that Juliet is still not yet a woman and gives her guidance to give her a decent upbringing. The Nurse shows the qualities of an adequate parent throughout the play. She shows the audience that she constantly thinks of Juliet and loves her a lot. She shows he love towards Juliet because she has looked after Juliet throughout her whole life. The Nurse shows her love for Juliet through her actions as well. Then hie you hence to Friar Lawrences cell.  There stays a husband to make you a wife.  The Nurse tells Juliet that she can marry Romeo. The Nurse knows by letting this happen she has put her job on the line as the Montagues and the Capulets are rivals. She loves Juliet that much that she has put Juliet before her job; she loves Juliet and is almost like a mother. This shows the loyalty she carries for Juliet, like any good parent she supports Juliet whatever the matter. A good parent is always loyal to their child whatever the situation. Her loyalty is also with the Capulets aswell. O Tybalt best fried I had! O courteous Tybalt, honest gentleman,  that I should live to see the dead!  The Nurse has been with the Capulet family for fourteen years she has grown to love them even with their faults. With love there always come respect. She respects Juliet; with respect comes loyalty. It is the same loyalty that she has for the Capulet family that makes her betray Juliet. The Nurse after helping Juliet to marry Romeo, tells her to marry Paris. I think it is best you marry with the County.  O hes a lovely gentleman.  Here is where the Nurse and Lady Capulet share the same feelings both of them want the best for Juliet and the Nurse sees this as an easy option out as Romeo is banished and Paris is here with security for the future. She wants her to forget about Romeo. After all the hurt it has caused she thinks it is easier to marry Paris. Juliet feels isolated that the Nurse has betrayed her. The Nurse, she does not understand what Juliet feels when she tells Juliet to marry Paris; the Nurse is her confidante, she is Juliets last hope after her father demands she marries Paris. The Nurse does not take into consideration of Juliets viewpoint. Due to the inconsiderate thinking by the Nurse it leaves Juliet distressed and rejects the Nurse even though she does not want to. The Nurse has been a good parent throughout the play except for when she betrayed Juliet at the end of the play. Lord and Lady Capulet did not provide the qualities of a good parent so she went to go and seek these good qualities from the Nurse. The Nurse provided Juliet with a maternal friendship, gave constant affection, advice, time and was a good confidante. However she betrayed Juliet, leaving Juliet isolated. Romeo also needs to find another means of getting adequate parenting; he goes to Friar Lawrence for help. Friar Lawrence is a wise man, he is a suitable father figure for Romeo to look up to; unlike the Montagues he is respected by all and is a knowledgeable advisor. Friar Lawrence provides the care that is needed from a good parent.  Thats my good son, but where hast thou been then? Friar Lawrence is concerned about Romeo; here he is showing care for Romeo as a father would. All good parents show concern for their children. The concern shown by Friar Lawrence creates a friendship between them and it is a fatherly one. There is a good relationship between Friar Lawrence and Romeo because Friar Lawrence has spent most of his life with him, and knows everything he should about Romeo, whenever Romeo needs help he can go to Friar Lawrence because Romeo is not as close to Lord Montague than he is to Friar Lawrence so Romeo finds it easier to talk to Friar Lawrence when he needs help. Romeo and Friar Lawrence have develop trust in their relationship that is one reason why he finds it easier to go to Friar Lawrence rather than Lord Montague. To trust someone you must always care for him or her. With care coming from a parental figure the will always do what is right. Friar Lawrence does this. Taking thy part, hath rushd aside the law.  And turned that black word death to banishment.  This is dear mercy, and thou seest it not.  Friar Lawrence does what is right, he reprimands Romeo for thinking that death is better than banishment. He then also nurtures him. A good parent would show affection and love after telling off their child so that the child would be able to learn from their mistakes. He understands what Romeo is going through and puts himself in Romeos place and guides Romeo to what he should do. This portrays the Friar as an understanding parent, something that a parent should have to cope with their role. Due to Friar Lawrence understanding Romeos situation he is able to provide advice.

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