Saturday, August 10, 2019

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I scanned the topic - Essay Example Few however could argue that Saddam Husseins Iraq was a place where anyone would want to live or was in any way a state that worked. It was a dysfunctional polity. It was a totalitarian hell where the dictator exercised complete control and enjoyed his sadistic whims. He used political power in an arbitrary manner in order to keep his citizens guessing. The two works under discussion Ijaam and The Tiger show Iraq under Saddam to be a capricious hell. This paper will argue that the kind of totalitarianism practised by Saddam eliminates the opportunity to have freedom. Some people believe the only way for order to prevail is for a dictator to rule. These people are totalitarians or authoritarians. It is a particular political philosophy. They believe that only a figure of immense power could guarantee the sorts of contracts people required with one another to live in peace. In order to increase the order and prosperity of society as a whole, an absolute sovereign would have to make some minimum guarantees: namely, peace and the upholding of contracts. In this view of the world ethics most be imposed on human beings who are just animals red in tooth and claw and who live lives that are dim and empty. None of these ideas take into account the brainwashing and control of Saddams Iraq. As the story â€Å"Tigers on the Tenth Day† shows the process of taking control can happen slowly. Often this processes are put in place without even people noticing. Year by year, the strictures tighten and the violence becomes more abusive. In this way, it is h ard for people to rebel, hard for them to speak out since things are happening so slowly. The tiger in this story is able to rationalize its behaviour. It says for example that it is mewing like a cat for its own amusement. When someone lives in fear they will do anything in order to survive the innumerable indignities of life. They will rationalize away their humiliations. This too

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