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Views of Barack obama vs. Hillary Clintons. Essay Example for Free

Views of Barack obama vs. Hillary Clintons. Essay Barack Obama and John Edwards, Mrs. Clinton’s are two main rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination. They are both running outsiders/ agents of change. Both Clinton and Obama say they would change a number of things if elected as presidents. They argue that tax, health, gun control and war in Iraq are their key issues to be looked at. Mrs. Clinton argues that change can only be a word without strength and experience to make it happen. There are various similarities and differences in the way they view change if they are to be presidents of the USA. We will view the following key issues that are more important for the people of the USA. Issue on The Economy. Democratic presidential front-runner Barack Obama and challenger, Hillary Clinton are both zipping on the economy as the campaign moves to big industrial states full of losses and foreclosures . Since the economy in the USA seems to be declining it’s important that this question in seriously looked at by all the democratic parties. They are both saying they want to bring a complete transformation to the US economy that almost the whole world depends on. Clinton says the economy is not serving the middle class urging that for the past four years productivity has risen and wages have declined she said I quote â€Å"America did not build greatest economy in the world because we had rich people; we built the greatest economy in the world because we built the America middle class†. Both of them want to repeal President George W. Bushs tax cuts, provide economic liberation to the middle class and increase regime spending on health care and education. Both embrace free trade to an incomplete extent, and say of helping those who lose out because of globalization. Clinton presents herself as a problem-solver, stressing cooperation between business and government, calling to diminish sponsorship in especially Washington. She attacks obama claiming that she has action not words and that she has policies and experience to rebuild the manufacturing base in the US and look at mutual interests, she will crack down on unfair trade with countries like china by reviewing all existing trade liberalization bargain. She is seemed wanting to resolve issues on energy, infrastructure investment, health care and values that built the U. S. economy. She wants to bring United States challenges globally back to its fundamentals. Barack Obama says they should invest in infrastructure projects like roads, bridges and airports and also plan to create green-energy jobs he says that he wants to major focus going forward, that from Obama’s economic adviser, saying he speaks about the brake of the economy in the short run, and what investments in terms of occupations, technology and workforce dexterities needed for the future. Since Obama received major votes from the lower income voters he is really looking forward to see that the economy favors them in terms of creating better jobs for them and improving their lifestyles. They are repeatedly conflicting over the economy which is becoming the central point of debates ahead. As for the differences Clinton is offering targeted tax cuts while Obama wider middle-class tax relief. Issue on Health care. Both Obama and Clinton are looking forward for means and ways and ways that we improve the health standards for the Americans especially the low-income people. They are suggesting ways of seeing that public health care is improved. Democratic presidential candidate senator Hilary Rodham Clinton (NY) has explained he widespread monetary enclose than has a proposal to broaden health insurance to all U. S. residents she was telling insurance companies not to distinguish of any sick person. (Washington Post reports (weisman/Kornbult, Washington Post, 2/15). She was warning against drug companies and insurance. Finally she was for diminution in health costs make them more affordable and try craft more jobs for the Americans that will have a strong built-up base in America. She is recommending ways of helping workers in their late fifties and early sixties to buy Medicare and also wants to promote medical information machinery sponsored Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist(R-Tenn). With Senator Barack Obama 76% of people with health concerns about health costs and 72% have concerns about prescription drug exposure and the safety and eminence of care. He says that most of the health insurance companies are doing well so he does not encourage on more people taking insurance covers but rather improve in their services to people. There are great controversies between the two candidates on health issues. Obama criticizes Clinton’s health care plan for requiring everyone to purchase an insurance cover saying his plan. While Clinton mandates health-care coverage Obamas plan doesnt have a mandate on any of the health care issues. Issue on America at war. There are no differences when it comes to the war because of the candidates seem t o be against this war especially the Iraq war, though Obama seems to be the more outstanding candidate who is more against this form of war. According to Washington times politicians like Clinton and McCain voted for the Iraq war that should have never been authorized and remunerated. In Barack Obama’s interviews and speeches oppose the war from the start even now. He really wants peace between the two countries because it has really taken too many resources especially precious lives and billions of dollars a week than would have been used for other development projects like building collapsed schools and bridges; roads and buildings; that would have invested in child job guidance and care; or even making health care affordable. He has taken clear and unswerving antiwar position on the Iraq war He has emerged as the antiwar candidate constantly lashing home his point. Obama says the cause of the war is due to Bush’s mismanagement, poor administration and because he did not want to be disappointed. Obama’s stand is stable and definite against the war. He says the problem can be solved by dialogue with Iraq. (Bbc. co. uk) Hillary ways she was against starting the war she does not have a strong position on the war in Iraq. First she has never voted against the war nor does she give any suggestions to end the war. Issue on tax reform Both Barrack Obama and Hillary have similar thought on wounding down or reducing costs of taxes for the residents of U. S. , but Obama does not seem to have better stratagems to accompany his in realizing his goals like Hillary Clinton has. Hillary has a plan of cutting down taxes for the middle class people. Another ample plan to end the housing catastrophe with a moratorium of foreclosures and a freeze in finance rates for at-risk homeowners. She plans on redirecting millions of dollars to oil company proceeds to alternative energy research to find solutions to the energy crisis and create about 5 million jobs. Contrary Barack Obama has no plans of putting a suspension on home foreclosures, he is for the Dick Cheney’s energy bill that will give huge tax breaks to oil companies and to raise Social Security taxes y billions and billions of dollars. Issue on guns Control On this final issue both Barrack Obama and Hillary have similar opinions on the use and control of guns. Obama proposes these principles on the issue of guns. He says there should be a ban in the sale or transfer of all varieties of semi-habitual weapons; there should be an increase in the state of curbs on the attainment and tenure of firearms; and makers are required to provide child safety locks with firearms. Hillary says there should be entirety bun of all guns in America. She further continues to say that they need to stand compact on behalf of gun control legislation, laws that will keep guns off children’s hands, scandalous and mentally unstable people. Finally she says that she has a strong believe that all Americans as a nation should fight to keep off guns off people not authorized to have guns. To conclude the Democratic candidates have similar views but different interpretations so as to be better presidents for the United States’ most powerful country. They are both challenging one another positively with their ideas and innovations that they are better than the other all for the betterment of the nation and themselves. All of them want U. S. to be the best place for the world that the rest of the world may learn by example for them.

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