Monday, August 26, 2019

Isaacs Storm book essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Isaacs Storm book - Essay Example Poor woman, she had been attacked by a mugger. We suspected the mugger was one of the many immigrants from Europe, who, after finding it hard to get a job, had turned to crime (Larson 18). The day started rather slowly, being a Saturday, there was not much to engage in. I planned to go to the beach in the afternoon, but I changed my mind. It had become extraordinarily windy and cloudy. Then the wind became catastrophic. It was blowing items all over. Then came the stormy rain and news of floods. I received the warnings of the impending floods after I called the Bureau of meteorology (Larson 43). Neighbors also informed me that an official from the Bureau known as Isaac Cline was going round the streets and beach warning people of the impending floods and informing them to move to the center of the town. Together with my family, we headed his advice and abandoned our house to seek safety at the town center. There was panic and fear as everyone scampered for safety in knee high flood waters (Larson 92). I hardly slept last. Together with other survivors, we had spent the night trying to salvage both life and property. Houses at the lower sides of the town had been destroyed by the raging waters. In order to survive, I and other survivors were on top of the floating debris shielding ourselves from the flying timber blown by the wind with pieces of wood. Despite this, many people who had managed to escape the wreck of their houses were killed atop the debris. We managed to land on a safe house. The water had subsided, though the rain was still heavy (Larson 286). I witnessed the most grievous loss of both life and property. Nearly half of the town’s residential area had been destroyed. This means that nearly six thousand people had perished. Dead bodies were being washed around by water. Crying people were in search of their family members and close relatives. Bodies trapped under rubble and wrecked houses were being retrieved. It was

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